Professional Development For Dancers

Без названия (1)Just like many other vocations, professional development is an intrinsic element of a dance teacher’s progress. It is intended for various degrees of professional experience and expertise, and embraces teachers from diverse dance backgrounds. Ongoing education is crucial for staying ahead of the curve and being up to date with cutting-edge teaching methods and new developments in the world of dance. The latter acts as a first-class resource for lesson material, and empowers the teacher with an excellent knowledge base. Leading dance companies have made professional development mandatory in order to maintain the highest possible standards.

Professional development often involves periodic training days or weekends in which professional dance teachers attend seminars organised by leading societies, such as the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing or the National Dance Teachers Association. The lectures and/or workshops cover the integration of various aspects of dance, and offer practical activities such as new dance moves or routines that everyone can participate in after watching practical demonstrations by the lecturer/s. The teachers are normally given notes, and the sessions are often recorded on DVDs, so that they can be played back at will. The new techniques and materials that are given can be taken back to the dance schools and institutions by the teachers in order to make their own lessons stronger, up-to-date and more dynamic.

Attendees will often work with the lecturers on interdisciplinary dance models such as a combination of ballroom and ballet, so they can generate specific and unique moves and routines, and use them while they teach. On some occasions, participating teachers are asked to give feedback on what they have learned. They may also give a reflection on their experience and their opening up to new potentials in terms of their professional, artistic and personal path towards being better dancers and teachers.