Argentine Tango Dancing

Dance-With-Me-India-Argentine-Tango-1Argentine tango, which is very different to standard international ballroom tango, is a wonderful dance, full of passion and emotion. It is great for both social and professional dancers, and is often a highlight at dance shows. It is a colourful fusion of interesting styles which appeared during various eras in certain areas of Uruguay and Argentina. Moreover, it also has North American and European influences.

This is a partner dance in which the man and woman are in either a very open hold, an extremely close one, or somewhere in between. When they are very close, both partners’ heads are touching or almost touching, and their chests are together. Argentine tango dancers exude a particular expression unique to this dance, and there is a constant interplay of emotions between partners and between the dancers and the music.

There are all kinds of movements in Argentine tango, and there is a lot of exciting improvisation. Even raw beginners are able to master the basic steps, and feeling the rhythm is easy. As a general rule, the dancers move with their feet in contact with the ground, and as one leg moves by the other, the knees and ankles brush together. Professional dance societies have established a technique known as the “basico”, meaning the basic step, and this is learned first. Argentine tango is danced in an anti-clockwise direction, and couples often stop to perform elaborate embellishments, kicks and swivels, on their way around the floor. The movements and steps can be sharp, smooth or pulsating.

In this dance, partners do not arch their upper torsos away from each other, and this is strikingly different to international ballroom dances. Another interesting aspect of this magnificent style, is that on some occasions, partners strongly lean in towards each other. This unique technique is not as difficult as people think, and can be practised to perfection even by beginners.